St John’s iTeachmeet

Monday 12th November saw a great turn out of staff for the first ever iTeachmeet. This was the fourth in the series of internal Teachmeets that have been hosted in the last 12 months. This particular event had a focus on the use if technology and applications in the classroom. Below is a summary of the nano presentations and some links to resources.

Kathryn Palmer- Kindles– a brief overview of the new Kindles in school and how they have been supporting young readers, especially boys. Currently, the Kindles have been used at KS3 and students have been reading and listening to “Ratburger”. Students have been very engaged in the initial stages of this project and it will grow into Key Stage 4 in the forthcoming weeks.

Jo Somers- Linoit– a presentation focused on how Linoit has been used in the PE classroom as a tool to engage learners in starter activities, sharing notes, making links or embedding video. Linoit has proved to be a very flexible tool and with it’s ease of use and access from any device it is popular amongst staff and students.

Sarah MacDermott- Fakebook– presentation and demonstration on the “Fakebook” tool from with suggestions as to how it can be used across various subject areas.

Graham Rose- Evernote– shared ideas on how Evernote has been used to manage and organise lots of everyday activities for shopping lists, web highlights, to do lists, thoughts/ideas, and recording evidence for students. Another flexible tool that is accessible from multiple devices and with the integration of Trunk tools such as Skitch the possibilities are endless.

Using Evernote- Graham Rose St John’s iTeachmeet from St John's School & Sixth Form Co on Vimeo.

Eleanor Moran- Edmodo– presentation and demonstration on the features of Edmodo and the ability to engage students in shared discussion of their work. Edmodo provides a forum for students to comment on ideas and work in a style similar to Facebook. Additional features include polls, badges, and calendar. Easy to set up and provide safe access.

Gavin McIntyre- Videoscribe– presentation and demonstration on an iPad app that creates animated video in the style of an artist hand drawing each element and text. This app comes with a large selection of clip art, sound and you can import your own photos too. Easy to use and can be used in an endless list of activities but has been used as staters/bell work to engage and to provide a video of processes.

iTeachmeet from St John's School & Sixth Form Co on Vimeo.

Sarah MacDermott- QR Codes– presentation on how QR codes can be used as classroom displays, to direct students to online resources, as homework notes or as a “treasure hunt”. QR codes can be easily generated and are flexible to add URLs or text.

Gavin McIntyre- Glogster– presentation of the uses of Glogster as an alternative to presenting work as a PowerPoint or Word Document. Easy to use and engaging format that can embed YouTube videos and has option to search for images using Google. Posters are easy to share and can be added to VLE, blog or Google Doc so that students and teachers can share the work. Glogster also has the ability to print and comes with a QR code that can be scanned to see the “live” poster. Examples: Hollie’s Poster Leah’s Poster


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ICT Subject Learning Co-ordinator, responsible for whole school ICT, inteerested in Web 2.0 tools, using iPads and mobile devices, BYOD and connecting students and schools through ICT to enhance Teaching and Learning.
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