Blogging- Where will you go next?

Some questions to consider:

What are your plans to develop blogging?
How will you implement this within your department or year group?
How will you raise the profile of your blog?
How will you get other people from outside involved, e.g. parents?


About St John's ICT

ICT Subject Learning Co-ordinator, responsible for whole school ICT, inteerested in Web 2.0 tools, using iPads and mobile devices, BYOD and connecting students and schools through ICT to enhance Teaching and Learning.
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14 Responses to Blogging- Where will you go next?

  1. Emma says:

    see what happens with my year 11s . . . .

  2. year9careers says:

    Hopefully have a high percentage of Year 9 students fully engaged with the chat. I would also like to provide information to students about careers.

    This will be sahred with our pastoral team.

  3. I think the Business department could use the blogging site for A Level students. It could help them discuss homework and revision techniques. When their pre-release case studies are released they will be able to share information, questions and ideas.

  4. stjohnsmaths says:

    I will continue to monitor the replies to my initial posts and advertise the blog to the other members of the maths department and encourage them to highlight this with their students. The link to my maths blog is on the VLE so parents have access to this.

  5. Rachel says:

    I’d like to develop a blog for KS5 Science students and raise the profile via the VLE and lesson discussions

  6. Alicia says:

    I can see myself using a blog during pastoral to increse literacy levels, I do not see my blog having a purely academic focus and instead engaging pupils throught their own intersts and outside activities.
    I will rasise the profile of my blog by promoting it in my classes and year team. I will get other people involved by setting it as hoemwork and starter/plenary activities.

  7. Swainy says:

    Focus on revision blogs primarily

  8. kp says:

    I didn’t know anything about this but now I have been able to make a blog! I will see what happens- intriguing!

  9. L Batty says:

    Start using this as a tool for sixth form students

  10. Natasha says:

    I would like to develop a blog to support the Year 9 ‘Box Heads’ 3D project. I intend to have students post images of their work as it develops having them take images at the end of lessons to be uploaded later. Students will then be able to share ideas and support each other with suggestions as to how work can be improved. Hopefully this shall engage boys even more, as they seem to be engaged with the current 3D topic, this will hopefully supporttheir learning.

  11. dpalmer1 says:

    Match reports and encourage parents to comment who watch the games.

  12. Linzi says:

    I’m working with Lucy and her class next week during Pastoral to “blog” their book reviews!

  13. Mr Willis says:

    I plan to develop blogging at KS4 as it will come in handy for keeping developmental diarys in ICT where students are using a new peice of software. Using Microblogging such as twitter has already proved handy for interacting with KS5 students.

    My own personal blog will look at emerging classroom technologies as well as a commentary on ongoing schemes of work kept seperatly.

    Not to sure how I would get parents involved yet.

  14. as says:

    I would like to create a blog to help promote literacy in History, by getting students involved in wider reading. There are some fantastic historical books out there e.g. war horse, which would help increase their joy of reading as well as their historical knowledge.

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