Louise Wilkinson:
Why you used it?

Used it with KS5 as a tool to extend the classroom and create greater independence as well as collaborative learning amongst students.

Enjoyable and new for students to use; promoted responsibility; allowed for sharing of ideas and resources

Once an area focused on is finished then can lose impact; rely on students to engage and use it

Gavin McIntyre:
Why you used it?
As well as using blogging with students, I have found it very beneficial for reflecting on my own teaching and for CPD. There are lots of other teachers out there blogging and sharing the “outstanding” practice.

Blogging allows all students to voice their opinion and it also helps to develop a constructive level of questioning so that students can query each others thoughts and receive feedback on their own products etc.

These have been limited as most students have been able to get access to the internet either via their SmartPhones or from another source. The blogging service, (WordPress or Blogger), have been very reliable and have never failed.

Case Study

Andy McHugh :
Why you used it?
To get A Level students to debate outside of the classroom and to produce arguments that could be used in their essays.

Weaker students could use what others had produced to guide their own arguments.

Stronger students developed their skills of criticism and were able to learn to defend a position they held on a given issue.

Technical issues with being able to access the blog: in school (DCC problem) – this is now fixed; at home (student internet access potentially a problem for some students)

Case Study


Interesting Ways to Use Blogging


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ICT Subject Learning Co-ordinator, responsible for whole school ICT, inteerested in Web 2.0 tools, using iPads and mobile devices, BYOD and connecting students and schools through ICT to enhance Teaching and Learning.
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